Orion Bookbinders Limited is the brainchild of Conrad V. Busuttil and John Galea. It was established with the intent to satisfy a niche in the Maltese printing industry, limiting the services of book production predominantly to soft cover/ limp binding.

Although the Company was registered in 2004, the foundations had already been laid some three years earlier, when initial manufacturing of hard cases on manual production had already been undertaken. Orion Bookbinders markets itself as a complimentary partner to any printer, whether on a fully fledged offset/web or small printing shops on letterpress output, we gladly provide any local printers lacking hard case finishing lines, the possibility of extending such an alternative finishing option in the print runs for their clients.

The myriad of finishing options that Orion Bookbinders Limited offer increases the possibilities of satisfying the end- user of the books, whilst broadening the horizons for product development to designers and graphic artists alike. the choice of finishing services offered include those in the printed cases or binding textiles finished with the addition of foil blocking, blind blocking, embossing, debossing, rounding, coloured edging etc.Moreover we have also an array of optional accessories, such as head/tail bands, ribbon markers, binding screws, Velcro and magnetised fasteners, filing mechanisms, metal corners for menus, etc.

All these have assisted many printers, designers and publishers alike in marketing their products in Maltese book- stores as well as to export their products and hence to compete on international markets. To further service and extend flexibility to the local industry, Orion Bookbinders limited retails an array of materials to assist in the possible creative flair that will contribute to an outstanding output.

A quick visit to the bindery will do more justice to the selections on offer.